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CEI Releases New Science Vocabulary Program
SLS - Science Learning Systems

CEI is excited to announce the Summer 2009 release of its new Science Learning Systems (SLS), a standards-based vocabulary development program for grades 3-5.

Just as we did in the development of Mathematical Learning Systems (MLS), we listened to our clients’ suggestions that schools strongly need science intervention, thus SLS was born.  We used the powerful learning engine that is responsible for the success of Essential Learning Systems (ELS), our flagship program that has been teaching children and adults to read and learn for more than 20 years.
SLS Student & Teacher Interfaces
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CEI is pleased to unveil its new demo of Essential Learning Systems® (ELS)® program, its flagship program!

Click to view ELS Demo WallIn our more than 20 years we have helped literally millions of economically disadvantaged, learning disabled, and/or ELLs to learn how to read! Now we are seeing increasing numbers of schools turning to CEI for the RTI interventions that they need to prevent failure and for accelerating learning so that achievement gaps can be narrowed.

Join our family! Explore the demo to learn how ELS® is designed, what we teach, and how we teach. Click on "support" and then on "correlations" to view and read our research reports and other documents. Click on "news" and then on "share" to read case studies and features that celebrate CEI's remarkable achievements.

Contact us for more information, for hard copies of documents, to schedule a presentation/discussion with your staff, and/or to request technical specifications and pricing. E-mail us at or call us toll free at 800-234-7319, ext. 131.

Then get ready for the drumrolls announcing your students' successes! We are waiting to hear from you!
2008-2009 Annual Creative Writing Contest a SUCCESS!

AwardCEI is extremely happy to announce the results of our annual Creative Writing Contest. You can imagine our excitement when the February contest deadline brought hundreds of original works by regular education, special education and ESL/ESOL students and their facilitators!

Click here to review the contest results and read the award-winning stories.

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